“QuickStart Mini-grants are designed to get your Safe Routes to School program going and build momentum. They can be used to fund a range of activities that encourage safe walking and bicycling to school, but please keep the following in mind as you prepare your application:

  1. Proposed Mini-grant activities must advance the purpose of Safe Routes to School, which is to encourage or enable students to safely walk or bicycle to school—Activities that don’t advance this purpose cannot be funded, e.g., activities that promote physical activity but don’t encourage walking or biking to school or don’t include pedestrian or bicycle safety education.
  2. Proposed Mini-grant actives should reach the broadest possible audience within the school community—Activities that exclusively target a fraction of the school community (e.g., a class or club) are generally discouraged; however, activities may target a smaller group if they also include outreach to the broader school community. Use this opportunity to build excitement for walking and biking!
  3. Consider involving students in activity identification and planning—Students have great ideas and often a good sense of what will resonate with their peers. Involving students in event planning also gives them valuable leadership experience.
  4. Think creatively—We value creative ideas for encouraging safe walking and bicycling to school.” (virginiadot.org)
  • Closing Dates– August 10, September 14, and October 12
  • Eligibility
    • Elementary or middle schools
    • Adult-supervised elementary or middle school groups or clubs;
    • Adult-supervised high school groups/clubs that wish to partner with a nearby elementary or middle school;
    • Faculty, staff, or parent volunteers at elementary or middle schools;
    • Local governments;
    • Tribal governments; and/or
    • Community-based or private non-profit organizations that will work with a school to improve safety and/or increase the number of children who safely walk or bicycle to school.
  • Online Application– www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1003520/QuickStart-Mini-grant-Application-Form
  • More Information– www.virginiadot.org

all information for this post and grant from virginiadot.org