Explore New MapplerK2

We can create an app for you on MapplerK2 with a unique login and customs features, or a fully customizable standalone app for iOS and Android devices.

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Data Visualization

We help clients create, manage, and distribute effective data visualization projects that are specialized for specific industries.

Mobile/Web-based GIS

Using our Mappler platform, we build interactive maps that can be used for user-friendly crowd-sourcing and demonstrating complex GIS data at the same time.

What-if Scenario Building

Using our expertise in data mining and spatial modeling, we help clients in their decision-making process by using geospatial analysis to build intricate what-if scenarios.

Field Data Collection

Using our simple yet powerful Mappler apps, we can streamline any field data collection process, from training, collecting, and monitoring.

Participatory Mapping Events

Over the years, we have successfully led more than 100 participatory mapping events in the country and beyond. We’ve coordinated events, provided staff training, and given lectures and talks on the topic of participatory GIS.

Location-based App Development

Any interactive map using our Mappler platform can be transformed into a standalone app that works on both Android and Apple App Stores. We make this process much faster, easier, and more affordable than hiring developers of your own.